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Softcover includes: PH Balanced eating plan including Raw vegetables & Fruit recovery plan 


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I choose to augment my health through changing my diet and exercise patterns.  I now eat an alkaline balanced diet and exercise 5-6 days a week for one hour or more.  I feel and look great! 


During my 8 month healing time I ate fish and rice.  I snacked on Raw Smoothies. Before I knew it, I had the strength to walk strongly.  Months down the line, I was able to power walk and now I jog 4 of more miles at a time! This is significant as I could barely walk through the office without knocking into a shelf, before!


Think about your stress management and incoparate regular stress management .  I meditate at least 3 times a week.  What do you like?  Music, painting, walking cooking can all be stress management techniques.  What do you enjoy doing in a relaxed environment?  Think about it and make a relaxing healthy decision to manage your stress at least one hour a week loving and enjoying yourself in a relaxed environment!Incorporating stress management techniques are imperative to proper healing.  I like meditation and visualization.  Stress management had previously been just a term I would hear; but now that I practice it, it is a smart way of life!  I know by slowing myself down and focusing own my goals and my family life fully , I am prolonging my life and increasing my enjoyment substantially!

Exercise is great; but, do not overdo it! Take into consideration what advice your health provider adds.  Remember, the idea is recovery. I focused on building my strength and endurance with no relapse.

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