How I Beat Multiple Sclerosis! tips that can erradicate any inflammatory disease according to Dr.s!

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MY STORY-- I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.   How scary was that!!?? Now, I take No medicine and have NO MORE SYMPTOMS!!!!

Dr. William Li, Dr. Gehrson, Dr. Gary Null, Dr. Jethro Kloss all agree with a handful of other progressive doctors.  All inflammatory diseases can be overcome by balancing our body's alkaline to acid levels!!!!! Good news!!! Eat primarily green leafies and other vegetables to ensure optimal health.

  •  I consult regarding recovery from inflammatory diseases i.e
  • Alzheimers, Arthritis,
  • IBS ,
  • Chrohn's Disease,
  • Arteriosclerosis,
  • Fibromalgia,
  • Lupus,
  • Diabetes,
  • Multiple Sclerosis and more By educating people about diet changes and stress management,a non-intrusive treatment may be possible.
  •  It is my  personal mission to share my story and secrets to those who have lost hope. 
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